About Mike Letson Photography

Mike Letson Photography offers top of the line photography expertise while not putting a hurt on your wallet. I am familiar from experience with how much custom photography costs and have purposed not to press my customers with exorbitant financial commitments.

From portrait to event photography, you will not be disappointed. I believe people have value. I believe people are worthy of the best at reasonable price points. Please see below for areas of expertise.

  • Individual Portraiture
  • Couples Portraiture
  • Event Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Candid Photography

Why I am a photographer

I am a photographer because I like to take pictures”. If that were the answer to why I am a photographer, I would advise you to move on. Truly exceptional photography involves much more than a passing interest in the art.

The reason I photograph, and the reason I spend so much time photographing people is multi-faceted. It is true that I do love the art of photography. After all, why spend so much time doing something you don’t like to do? So while I do have a love of the art, there is the component of people that drives both my ambition and my love of the art. At my core, I believe people are valuable. People have worth. I believe that with my whole heart. It is why I can say, “You are Worthy” and sleep well knowing that it is not just a marketing phrase. To that end, I have made it my ambition to cast my subjects in the most positive light possible so that, at the end of the day they can view representations of them and feel great about who they see … who they are.

Why am I photographer? I am a photographer because I love people and want to bless them with quality memories of the most beautiful times in their lives.

Owning a quality representation of you is important for many reasons. Senior portraits capture the ‘you’ on that all-important day! Employee promotions often require media shots for marketing portfolios and web site information dissemination. And Individual family portraits are a wonderful way to enhance that special closeness.
Creating lasting images of you and that special someone is one of the most exciting things that I do and I am betting one the most exiting things for you as well! My experience in couple’s portraits provides you the confidence of fabulous results and a fabulous time doing it!
Event photography offers a unique opportunity to capture memories of important events. From business to graduation to retirement to birthdays, images that record these special events in life are invaluable. How many times have you come across an old picture and thought “Oh! I remember that!”. Event photography … It’s one of my favorite things to do!
Maybe you like to get away from it all and capture your favorite spot. Or, there is that one place in your home that begs for a beautiful, framed scenic representation of a recent visit. Mike Letson Photography has both the tools and experience to decorate your home with quality, crystal clear representations of that special place.
Have you ever witnessed a "moment of a life time" and wished you were there with a camera? Candid photography is another facit of photography that I love. It is similar to event photography but with a different purpose. It takes a photographer who is not shy about being there with a camera (and not shy about using it!), and someone who is able to think on their feet to get the shot.



  1. On Location Event Photography

    • Small Event ( Birthdays, Retirement Parties etc. ) - $150.00
    • Medium Event ( 100 - 250 attending ) - $350.00
    • Large Event ( 250+ attending ) - $750.00
  2. On Location Portrait Photography

    • Individual Portraits - $150.00
    • Family Portraits - $250.00
    • Corporate and Social Media Headshots - $75.00
  3. On Location Newborn Photography

    • On Location - $250.00
  4. On Location Real Estate Photography

    • On Location - $250.00